Valves servicing

We deal with repairs, overhauls, installation start-ups, technical diagnosis and inspection since the 90ies of the last century. Our human resources, experience, access to the archival data bases and documentation, equipment, instructions approved by UDT (Office of Technical Inspection), set up our services and counseling at the highest level.

We offer complex services and assistance in the scope of repairs, overhauls, modernizations, refurbishments and technical diagnosis of industrial valves and actuators manufactured by CHEMAR during the period of its 55 years activity.

Selected subjects of our activity:

Technical analysis of the valve performance, counseling on the valve operation.

Technical examination of valves and their components, elaboration of the expertise along with conclusions concerning further using of the valve.

Diagnosis of valves and their components working in creep conditions, mostly of those which approach to the end of designed life period, i.e. 100.000 hours. Elaboration of the prediction as to the possibility of their further using in the place of installation and at hitherto used working parameters. The above concerns mainly: safety valves, high pressure gate valves, control valves and start-up valves.

Repairs, refurbishment, made directly in the place of installation of valves and actuators, and when necessary – repairs in our workshop, where we are able to carry out shell strength testing using hydraulic test stations, largest of which allows for testing of components 1.5 m in length and 700 mm in diameter (thrust of clamping surfaces of 300 t), or checking of the valve performance at the unique steam test station, at a pressure-temperature parameters up to 190 bar and 570°C, in the presence of UDT inspector and with acceptance of UDT or other third parties. We are also carrying out specific testing using special instrumentation (made on the customer’s demand) applying pump with the maximal pressure of 1600 bar.

Checking of performance of protection devices, set pressure adjusting for safety valves, lapping of seating surfaces, overhauls of the safety valve control units and pneumatic cylinders – in the place of installation.

To our customers

Offered services are carried out by the experienced experts of the valve industry, using modern examination means, and close cooperation with our production workshops allows for prompt and punctual realization of tasks due to direct access to replacement parts.

Modern and specific production equipment of Valves Works CHEMAR enables us to provide high quality valve parts to be used in repairs.

Our own design and process engineering departments, having at disposal the complete store of technical information and computerized calculation procedures, guarantee an adequate technical level of services preparation or precise prediction of further life of valves or their parts.

Our transportable equipment enables evaluation of the technical condition of examined components directly at the customer’s plant. Long term cooperation with sub-contractors, who are leaders in their scope of activities, allows to accomplish and confirm results of our diagnostic-and-examination works with the high degree of reliability.

After completion of repair made in our plant, 100% of valves is submitted to testing as appropriate to the valve range, and results are confirmed by the certificates issued by Quality Assurance inspector and, when required, by third parties.

UDT-CERT Certificate of conformity of Quality Assurance System with requirements of standards EN ISO 9001: 2000, and series of approvals issued by UDT, PRS, Lloyd, utilized by Valves Works CHEMAR, are formal evidence of high level of our services.

We also have approvals issued by UDT for production, repair and modernization of safety valves No. UC-10-86-W/1-04, UC-10-86-N/1-04, UC-10-86-P/1-04.

UDT-CERT Certificate, approvals, reference lists and the capital of our company constitute technical and financial warranty of rendered services.

Our office and experts always offer help.