Time to rebrand

Dear our valued Customers/Clients,

Logos and brands, just like people, need sometimes makeovers. Some brands get a facelift to stay relevant, while others need to renew their massage due to a change inside the company.
We’re pleased to announce changing our company logo starting from 2020 as follows:

In our new logo, the colors of the past (origin company) are interspersed with the shapes of the future. Along with that goes a change in staff and a new company vision.
The logo change doesn’t affect the legal personality of the existing entity which retains its right and obligations in all existing legal relationships with all parties.
It nevertheless remains part of our communication strategy to maintain transparency and keep clients apprised of developments in our company.
May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued confidence in us and your suport.


Management Board
of Chemar Armatura Sp. z o.o.