Our offer

We offer wide range of steel and cast steel, medium and high pressure valves

  • stop valves, stop valves with parabolic plug, check valves, screw-down non-return valves, bellows valves, stainless steel valves
  • distributing valves
  • strainers
  • control valves
  • safety valves
  • cast and forged wedge gate valves
  • swing check valves


We offer wide range of forgings and related services:

  • forgings from carbon, alloy, stainless steel and from brass
  • open-die forgings (e.g. discs, holed discs , rings forged on mandrels, bars, rods)
  • half open-die forgings forged in set sleeves
  • die forgings (e.g. flanges, gear wheels, tees, valve parts)
  • forgings from non-ferrous metals
  • tube pointing
  • reducing pipes pointing
  • testing of forgings


We render services:

  • machining and welding
  • applying of galvanic coatings
  • services and diagnosis